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The 3rd Annual Beast at Belews Lake Kayak/Canoe Race
April 18, 2015

Background: The Beast is a kayak race dedicated to attracting high performing paddle sport athletes. This flat water race boasts challenging distances designed to capture attention of the paddle community. Stoneville Bike Club is committed to making this a premier Southeastern US race event. A highlight in the expanding World of Paddle Sports... We invite you to bring your best and be The Beast.

Endurance Race Course: We will be featuring as a highlight, our ten mile race. This race is a 5 mile out and 5 mile back course that beings and ends at Carolina Marina on Belews Lake in Stokesdale, NC.

Sprint Race Course: New this year we are introducing a 2 mile sprint, 1 mile out and 1 mile back course that begins and ends at Carolina Marina on Belews Lake in Stokesdale, NC.

Both races are open to all ages. We are excited about introducing our sprint event and we are looking forward to expanding our race to include all paddlers—new, novice and experienced.

Belews Lake Map

>Race Start Time: To help limit encounters with boat wake and possible wind waves we will start the race at 9AM. There will be a mandatory racers meeting at 8:30AM. Race will be held rain or shine.

>Race Location:
Carolina Marina on Belews Lake
548 Shelton Rd
Stokesdale, NC 27357

>Recognition: The first three finishers in each race category will be recognized.

>Race contact: Lee Jones, email: or phone: 336-338-2390.

>All pre-registered racers will receive an event T-shirt. We may have a few extra T-shirts for any race day registrations.

>For Race Registration, please click and download the following files.
Belews Lake Beast Registration Form
Belews Lake Beast Waiver

To submit registration and waiver forms, mail to:
Lee Jones
645 Rockview Rd.
Stoneville, NC 27048

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Results for 2014 Beast Kayak

Thank you to all the racers that attended our 2nd Annual Beast Kayak/Canoe Race. We were quite pleased with the number of exceptionally strong paddle sport athletes that stepped up to the challenge this year. As this was just the second year for our event, we are still on the upward slope of the learning curve, and observations from this past Saturday have already allowed us to identify ways in which to make the 2015 Beast even better.

In the results section below you will notice a change to the order of finishers for the Men’s Touring Kayak category. We mistakenly had Mike Thomas listed in the Men’s Racing Kayak category. Based on the boat he paddled, he should have been placed in the Men’s Touring Kayak category. This mistake was not pointed out until after the awards had been presented. We apologize to Mike Thomas and all the other racers in the Men’s Touring Kayak category for this error. We also congratulate Mike and all the other racers in both divisions for finishing a challenging race under windy conditions.

>2014 Beast Kayak Race Results on Belews Lake
Men's Racing Kayak
1st Place: Jeff Sosa Time: 1:23:25 Boat: 11
2nd Place: David Bolduc Time: 1:25:36 Boat: 8
3rd Place: Mike Amos Time: 1:26:16 Boat: 1
4th Place: Stephen Knight Time: 1:26:28 Boat: 12
5th Place: Ray Moore Time: 1:33:52 Boat: 3
6th Place: Lee Jones Time: 1:38:03 Boat: 7
7th Place: Bil Aylor Time: 1:39:49 Boat: 5

Men’s Touring Kayak
1st Place: Mike Thomas Time: 1:47:37 Boat: 14
1st Place Runner Up: Ben Cochran Time: 1:48:15 Boat: 9
2nd Place: Steve Ilderton Time: 1:52:38 Boat: 4
3rd Place: Dick Thomas Time: 1:53:05 Boat: 10
4th Place: Tom Blue Time: 2:01:48 Boat: 2
5th Place: Tom Berg Time: 2:08:16 Boat: 6

2014 Race Photos

>2013 Beast Kayak Race Results on Belews Lake
Saturday, March 30, 2013
Top 4 Finishers
1st Place: Mike Amos Time: 1hr 14mins Boat: EPIC V10 Surf Ski Home: Mayodan, NC
2nd Place: Lee Jones Time: 1hr 25mins Boat: EPIC V12 Surf Ski Home: Stoneville, NC
3rd Place: Tom Berg Time: 1hr 35mins Boat: WS Tempest Touring Home: Greensboro, NC
4th Place: Manny Aparicio Time: 1hr 46mins Boat: Think Evo Surf Ski Home: Chapel Hill, NC

2013 Race Photos